Asia Bibi had her case adjourned!

Asia Bibi, detained in a Pakistani prison since 2009, accused under notorious blasphemy laws, had her case adjourned in Islamabad yesterday, when one judge disqualified himself having judged on the murder of a governor who opposed the blasphemy laws.  The courtroom was packed with extremists mullahs; a clear sign of intimidation and threat.

The court hearing adjourned for indefinite period and the hearing will only resume when a new bench is constituted.

Mr Skripek was among many Christian MEPs who signed resolutions and campaigned for her release.  He commented: “This is a blatant case of religious discrimination.  A Christian mother and wife remains under the death penalty on trumped up charges when Muslim co-workers considered her unclean when bringing them water to drink while working in a field.  She has suffered many health problems, and her life is threatened while in custody from extremists. Every political and spiritual pressure should be brought to bear until she is released, and these inhuman blasphemy laws are repealed.”

Please keep Aisa Bibi and her family in your daily prayers.

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