Keeping Hope Alive: Understanding the damage, and effectively fighting the culture of death

Proud to have hosted a conference in the EP with world expert psychologist and paediatricians Drs Philip Ney and Marie Peeters-Ney. Their grasp of the connection between childhood neglect and child abuse and abortion was truly eye-opening. Our demographic winter is deepened by the survivor syndrome effects of aborted children in our families. They are true pioneers seeking to bring scientific and biblical healing to the wounded. Read more about their vital work and

Keeping Hope Alive:  Understanding the damage, and effectively fighting the culture of death

Conference Speakers

Dr Ney is the leading world expert on the effects of abortion, neglect and abuse.  He is a retired Professor of Psychiatry now in private practice. He has published widely on healing of the effects of pregnancy loss and childhood mistreatment.  He regularly treats those severely damaged by gender confusion, childhood neglect and being survivors in families where at least one sibling has been aborted.

Dr Marie Peeters-Ney worked with the Professor Jerome LeJeune doing ground breaking research on children with Downs Syndrome.  Dr. Marie shows through modern art how abortion survivors are changing our culture. She worked with Dr Philip Ney for many years teaching Hope Alive group counselling in more than 40 countries. 


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