• Human dignity
     –  I want to see Europe as a place that values life & dignity of every human. Biology & bioresearch must add value to life, not manipulate in a manner that cannot be reversed.


  • vierovyznanieReligious freedom – I fight for the freedom of belief, conscience and expression. True tolerance is dying out and the activities of a number of Christian organizations and faith associations have been forbidden based on the anti-discriminating legislature of the EU.

    – I support the freedom to disagree
    – I support the parents’ rights to raise their kids the way they see best
    – podporujem slobodu vierovyznania a chránim prenasledovaných  I support religious freedom, especially of those who have been persecuted as Christians.

  • rodina
    Marriage & Family
    – Family and  marriage of one man and one woman are a priority. I attempt for the EU to respect the supremacy of family formed by marriage of one man and one women and to respect their sanctioned rights.

  • firmymaleFamily businesses (SME) –  I support economy that makes business easy for people, not necessarily for big multinational companies. I encourage inclusive growth and business on lower levers. (Small and medium sized business enterprises)


  • obchodovaniesludmiHuman Trafficking  –  Human trafficking is the new form of slavery. This crime crosses national borders and needs to be dealt with on a corporate level by the member states of the EU. We need to pay special attention to children, cybercrime connected to human trafficking and the protection and support of this crime’s victims.


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