MFS forces joined the Raqqa Liberation Campaign ‘Wrath of the Euphrates’

Syriac Military Council – MFS

Today, 6 November 2016, our forces are part of the Raqqa Liberation Campaign ‘Wrath of the Euphrates’. As Syriac-Assyrian Christians we work with our Kurdish and Arab allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces to liberate Raqqa.

This fight against terrorism is a fight for the existence of our Syriac-Assyrian people and we cannot rest until this fight is won.

At the same moment this war against ISIS is a war for all civilisation against utter evil. We ask therefore the international community to support us and all Syrian Democratic Forces. Together we fight for freedom and dignity of all peoples.

We, men and women who protect the oldest Christian community on earth, ask the global Christian community to stand up for us and give us political, practical and moral support. We urge them not to ignore our need for security anymore.

Our people suffered under the genocide comitted by ISIS. As we fight back we ask Christians in government and politics to ask their governments to send us the help we really need to finish what we have started. This is what the European Parliament already asked for at 12 March 2015. Our people need assurance of our security now and in the future.

We fight this battle with the certainty that ISIS will be defeated and that our young democracy, the Democratic Self-Administration of Northern Syria, will prevail. This area of unique freedom in our region is a sign of hope and we ask the world to join us to defend and grow freedom for our people and all people in the Middle East.

Syriac Military Council & Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces

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