WHEREAS, the claim and presence of the Jewish people in Israel and their capital city, Jerusalem, has remained constant for more than 3000 years; and WHEREAS, Israel has been granted her lands under and through the world’s oldest deed, as historically documented in the Bible, a tome of scripture recording the acts and intent of God Almighty, and held sacred by humanity; and WHEREAS, the Government of Great Britain issued the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917, defining the objective of reestablishing the Jewish National Home in the Land of Israel and facilitating its eventual independence as a modern Jewish state, a declaration accepted by every Allied and associated country at that time; and WHEREAS, the legal basis for the reestablishment of the Jewish National Home in the Land of Israel and eventual declaration of Israel’s independence as the modern Jewish State was a binding instrument of international law enacted in the San Remo Resolution on April 25, 1920 by the Principal Allied Powers and associated countries; and  WHEREAS, that binding act of international law was then further recognized and incorporated in subsequent binding instruments of international law, namely Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, the Mandate for Palestine, the 1920 Franco-British Boundary Convention as modified by the 1922 Demarcation Agreement, and the 1924 U.S.-U.K. treaty; and

WHEREAS, none of the national and political rights thereby recognized as inhering in the Jewish People have ever been revoked, nullified or superseded by a subsequent legally-valid and/or binding document of international law; and

WHEREAS, Article 80 of the United Nations charter recognized the continued inviolable validity of the rights granted to states or peoples which already existed under international instruments, including the binding act of international law enacted in the San Remo Resolution, thereby making all resolutions and agreements violating those rights that have been thereafter adopted by the General Assembly, the Security Council neither legally valid nor binding instruments of international law; and

WHEREAS, the San Remo Resolution and League of Nations Mandate, and other aforementioned supporting subsequent acts, instruments and agreements of binding international law, legally predicated the eventual declaration of the modern State of Israel’s independence as the Jewish National Home in the Land of Israel, including the Jewish ancestral regions of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem, and WHEREAS, the modern State of Israel declared its independence and self-governance on May 14, 1948, thereby exercising its legal right and biblical promise to reestablish the Jewish National Home as an independent State in the Land of Israel; and  WHEREAS, territories legally designated for the Jewish National Home under international law that were belligerently conquered by Jordan and Egypt in the war that ensued the modern State of Israel’s declaration of independence never belonged to either Jordan or Egypt under international law, nor were they ever under their recognized sovereignty; and  WHEREAS, upon the end of hostilities in the Six-Day War of June, 1967, the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, in regard to the laws of belligerent occupation, did not apply, contrary to common misrepresentation, to any area which formed part of the Jewish National Home that Israel had just liberated – in particular, the areas of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem – making it legally wrong to in any way characterize the State of Israel as an occupier or to suggest that the approximately 750,000 Jews currently living there do so illegally or illegitimately; and WHEREAS, the State of Israel has appropriately and necessarily exercised its legal right and biblical promise to declare the reunified city of Jerusalem to be the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish National Home, thereby ensuring the protection of religious freedom for worshipers of all faiths under Israeli sovereignty; and WHEREAS, anti-Semitic forces in the region and around the world have persisted in efforts to deny and undermine the rights – and indeed the very existence – of the Jewish National Home, since the time of its legal reestablishment under international law, through the Modern State of Israel’s declaration of independence, and until the present day; and

WHEREAS, promoting the common misrepresentation of the Jewish State of Israel as an occupier in the Land of Israel has become the primary anti-Semitic canard of the present generation, inherently accusing the Jewish People of territorial thievery and lending directly to the anti-Semitic delegitimization and demonization of, and application of double-standards to, the Jewish State of Israel; and

WHEREAS, those anti-Semitic forces have used the lie of occupation as pretense for attacking the State of Israel through means of political and economic warfare, having harmed the legitimacy of international law, corrupted the function of international institutions such as the United Nations and its functionaries, such as UNESCO, and correspondingly launched a campaign, lead by a variety of groups funded by various governments, known as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) that promotes discriminatory activities intended to inflict harm upon, or otherwise limit commercial, political and cultural relations with Israelis, their trade partners and supporters; and

WHEREAS, efforts to promote national-origin discrimination and inflict economic harm against Israel’s trade partners, in particular, weakens our own countries’ ability to conduct business and harms our vital economic and employment interests as well; and

THEREFORE, we the undersigned participants of the 2016 Israel Allies Foundation Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference:

CONGRATULATE the State of Israel and the Jewish people on the upcoming 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification as their eternal and indivisible capital, and upcoming 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration; and

 SUPPORT the Jewish State of Israel in asserting its legal rights and biblical promises to sovereignty and self-defense upon the entirety of its lands and territories, recognizing the need of people of all faiths for a strong and united Israel, with Jerusalem as its eternal and indivisible capital; and

 CALL upon governments, institutions and leaders around the world, as a matter of official policy, to reject UNESCO’s recent resolution seeking to deny Jerusalem’s Jewish origins and Christian beliefs and heritage, and furthermore the misrepresentation of the Jewish State of Israel as an occupier, duly noting the anti-Semitic nature and effect of the term’s improper usage against the State of Israel.



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