Slovakia has for the first time in history taken the lead of the EU council for the second half of 2016. This is a unique opportunity to influence the current political and spiritual situation within the European union and also beyond our borders.

Prayer for Europe

I have invited my fellow Christian friends – priests, pastors and leaders to join me on the 26th of September in Brussels to worship the Lord and pray together for a spiritual awakening in Europe. You are also invited to join us in prayer on this day from your home. To join, just click our prayer event on Facebook.



Quo Vadis Europe conference

On the 28th of September I am hosting a conference called Quo Vadis Europe together with ECPM, YWAM and ENC. We’ve managed to invite a number of honorable guests. (see the speakers’s list & topics) The goal is to specify the dangers and challenges that Europe is facing at the moment and to perhaps offer solution that we have to offer as Christians. We will publish the conference outcomes on our page later on.


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