Speakers and topics of Quo Vadis Europe conference

Speakers and topics of Quo Vadis Europe conference

1st slot – Facing the challenges

Ad de Bruin (NL) – Migration contra Evangelization; Is the Gospel a proper response to the wave of migrants reaching Europe?

Anna Záborská  (SK) – Extremism vs. Conservatism; Is the far right replacing traditional conservatism in Europe?

András Pátkai (HUN) – Israel in Europe; What can we learn from Israel’s defense system in the dawn of a new Muslim threat on our continent


2nd slot – New hope’s rising

Jeff Fountain (NL) – New generation of politicians; Equipping future Christian politicians and media workers

Anna Verešová (SK) – Merely a woman?; The place of women in the world of men’s politics

Leo van Doesburg (NL) – Are Christian politicians an extinct species?; What is happening to Christian political parties across Europe?

Branislav Škripek (SK) – Nations in your hands; How taking on the responsibility could save the world


3rd slot – In the house

Richard Vašečka (SK) – Sex and the city; How to beat the demographic crisis in the most natural way – marriage and family

David Fieldsend (GB) – City on the hill; How the church engages in the serious issues of society

Kevin Bridges (GB) – Divided we fall; Christians can only impact Europe when they are united


Speakers bio

Ad de Bruin

As a member of YWAM family he had been working on a missionary projects in Africa for 10 years. Afterwards in 2000 he moved to Slovakia. He is married and has three sons. His desire is to release new young leaders. At the time he is giving lectures in Slovakia and in abroad, working as a director of Discipleship school in Slovakia.

Anna Záborská

Conservative Member of European Parliament (EP) for the Christian Democratic Movement. She is one of the most prominent personalities in the EP pursuing the protection of life, the family and the rights of parents to educate their children according to their conscience. Co-founder of the Forum of life and long-term active member of its presidency. President of the Slovak Society for Family and patron of the program “Save the Lives” to help pregnant women in need and their children.

András Pátkai

European Director of the Israel Allies Foundation (appointed in July 2013). For the last 20 years he has been actively engaged in fostering communication between European organizations and Christian communities on the one hand and the modern State of Israel on the other. He is a member of the Faith Church, Hungary – major Pentecostal Church which is a strong supporter of Israel. In 2010 Pátkai was involved in promoting a bill in the Hungarian parliament that would criminalize holocaust denial.

Jeff Fountain

Chairman of the Hope for Europe Round Table and the director of the HOPE Congress. Originally from New Zealand, Jeff has lived in Europe for over 35 years and carries a Dutch passport. He was director of YWAM Europe for twenty years before resigning in order to establish the Schuman Centre for European Studies, affiliated with the University of the Nations. Jeff and his wife Romkje live in Heerde, the Netherlands, and have three adult sons and one foster daughter.

Anna Verešová

Has been working in the NGO sector for 18 years. She is the director of “Áno pre život” (Yes to life) organization which works with women and children from socially disadvantaged background. She is an expert at providing special social and legal counseling. In March 2016 she was elected as a member of the Slovak parliament.

Leo van Doesburg

ECPM’s Director for European Affairs and Policy Advising, having worked for ECPM since 2006. Furthermore he is Director for Operations of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute and Secretary General of the European Parliament Working Group on Human Dignity. Leo has significant experience in European Affairs, especially on issues pertaining to EU legislation on Bioethics and Human Dignity as well as to Freedom of Religion or Belief. Additionally, he is actively involved in promoting the advancement of palliative care on a European level and in creating awareness about the negative and dangerous consequences of liberal euthanasia policies in the Netherlands.

Branislav Škripek

Slovak Member of the European Parliament since 2014, in the European Conservatives and Reformists group (ECR), in Slovakia member of Ordinary People political movement (OĽaNO). Founder of Saint Martins Community in Slovakia, pioneer in street evangelizing. His core topics include persecution of Christians (especially in the Middle East), pro-life and pro-family agenda; and activating new generations of leaders in politics.

Richard Vašečka

Slovak teacher, politician and preacher. He worked as teacher  at the Gymnasium St. Francis of Assisi in Žilina (SK) teaching Religion education. He currently holds the post of member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, where is the chair of Ordinary People and independent personalities (OĽaNO) movement group.

David Fieldsend

Attaché to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the EU and Chairman of the Christian Political Foundation for Europe. Previously Manager of CARE for Europe, promoting Christian values in public policy discussions at the EU Institutions. He stood as a British Parliamentary Candidate in 1983 for the constituency of Falmouth-Camborne. He is married to Anne; they have three adult children and four grandchildren. He serves as a Lay Minister at Holy Trinity Pro-Cathedral (Anglican) in Brussels.

Kevin Bridges

Kevin has been in full time Christian ministry for 23 years. Originally from the United Kingdom he has lived in Central Europe for the past 18 years. In his function as the General Secretary of the European Network of Communities he has travel through Eastern Europe and Asia teaching about gifts and calling. Kevin is married and has one young son.

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