It is vital to articulate that Middle East faces genocides

Brussels, 29. 1. 2016 – During upcoming plenary session of the European Parliament the MePs will vote on the Motion for resolution on systematic mass murder of religious minorities by ISIS. Its goal is to recognize the killing of Christians and other religious groups in Syria and Iraq as genocides. This document was drawn up by the ECR faction, including a Slovak MEP, Branislav Škripek.

The final programme of the plenary session is not known yet, but according to the available information the voting is scheduled for Thursday, 4. 2. 2016. Mr. Branislav Škripek said during the discussions: “We have to aptly name the killing of Christians and other religious groups. It is genocides. We, as the European Community, have to adopt a clear attitude. ISIS will be defeated and everybody who is responsible for the genocides have to face the International court.” The international law states that the criminal act of genocides is not subject to the statute to limitations. Therefore, the actors of other genocides are tried and sentenced even though they committed crimes decades ago. Defining the killing of Christians by ISIS as genocides will result in actual and quick steps of the International Community that might result in a major fight against ISIS.

The resolution recognizes the multi-ethnical and multi-religious defence, e.g. the Democratic self-administration for their effective way of fighting against ISIS/Daesh. Mr. Branislav Škripek supports this Democratic self-administration in Rojava and also visited this region. “I met the representatives of the self-administration and saw their victories over the semi-insane fighters from Daesh. If the EU and the International Community want defeat terrorism, we have to support Rojava canton and other self-governments. Only the regional inhabitants and domestic fighters can fight the military forces from Daesh in an effective way,” Mr. Škripek accentuates the importance of the support of self-governments. However, self-administrations should not be limited to the military operations. “They are very skilled people that want to take the responsibility for their country into their hands and rule according to the principles of democracy and tolerance toward diverse religious and ethnical groups. Therefore, it is important to support them in every possible way. The export of western democracy to the Middle East never worked and this also will not be the case. Only independent and democratically elected politicians with the support of the independent army can ensure peace and stability of the Middle East region,” claims Branislav Škripek. Today, the region faces fights and inhabitants are forced to leave their homes and start the modern exodus for better future. Therefore, Mr. Škripek concludes: “It is important to adopt all the important measures to deliver the humanitarian aid in Rojava canton on time. Therefore, Turkey and Kurdish regional government should cooperate more with a newly established autonomy and ensure a smooth transfer of help to the Democratic self-adinistration in Rojava, than it would be too late.“

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